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BMSW (Black Ant) Sexual Enhancement Pill

The BMSW 4600mg is a Black Ant sex product, a natural aphrodisiac for males to improve sex life. Dubbed as the “herb Viagra” or “herb Cialis”, the Black Ant Pill is a good alternative to Viagra, Cialis, and other sexual drugs for enhancing sexual libido and orgasms. What does BMSW look like? BMSW Black Ant […]

Biromantic Definition

Biromantic refers to the mindset of being romantically attracted to people of both sexes. Being biromantic does not imply having sexual relations. Romantic relations involve holding hands, kissing, cuddling, etc. but not necessarily having sexual intercourse. Now we will take a look at some of the combinations arising out of people having differing sexual and […]

Lithosexual Definition

Lithosexual, also known as lithrosexual, lithsexual, akiosexual, quoisexual or koi-sexual, is the sexual orientation of a person who experiences sexual attraction to another person but does not want it to be reciprocated. It is part of the sub-asexual identity spectrum which is more specific than just the asexual, allosexual or graysexual spectrum. Flag Meaning of […]

Smoking After Sex

Smoking after sex is perceived by many as a complementary act, one pleasure taken after another. In a survey conducted in 1988, more than 400,000 smokers in the U.S. were asked about their smoking habits. More than half said they smoke after sex. Benefits of smoking after sex Habitual post-coitus smokers and even some medical […]

Sexual Frustration Symptoms

Sexual frustration is a common problem among men and women that nobody really wants to talk about in detail. You don’t go around town telling people, even your best friends, that you’re having sexual hang-ups because your spouse or partner doesn’t really give you satisfaction. Despite society becoming more and more liberal, sexual frustration is […]

NZT-48 Pill

The NZT-48 or Limitless Pill is a fictional drug from the film “Limitless”, which is based on The Dark Fields novel. The pill does not really exist in real life. It is allegedly a highly potent smart drug that promises to enhance its taker’s brain functions. Due to the success of “Limitless” and its exaggeration […]

Does Jelqing Work?

Many people, especially researchers and women (allegedly), say that penis size does not matter. Well, it does, no matter what they say. Also, there is nothing wrong in dreaming of and achieving a well-endowed penis. Improving the length and girth of your penis has a lot of plus points. It can obviously make you more […]

Facts about the Average Penis Size

The average length and girth (circumference), worldwide, of an erect and flaccid penis is shown in the table below: Erect (hard) penis Flaccid (soft) penis Length 5.16 inches or 13.11 cm 3.61 inches or 9.17 cm Girth (circumference) 4.69 inches or 11.91 cm 3.67 inches or 9.32 cm These measurements are according to a study […]

What does NSFW mean?

NSFW (also referred to as Not Safe For Work or Not Suitable For Work) is a popular shorthand tag and has become one of the most popular slangs on the Internet. It started as a shorthand tag in email subject headers to indicate and serve as a warning that the email contains materials deemed too […]

When does your Penis stop growing?

The penis begins to grow when puberty starts. It becomes thicker and longer; the growth might not be too noticeable when the penis is flaccid but will be more pronounced during an erection. Also, the rate and maximum extent of growth may vary. Along with the penis, testicles also enlarge during puberty. The testicles are […]

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