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How to use the Bathmate Pump

If you just bought a Bathmate hydropump, I know you’re very excited to use it right now. But wait! Let’s discuss first how to use it properly. For a complete overview of the pump: read our review. Pump Types As of this date, there are three Bathmate series: Original Series X-Series Xtreme Hercules (<= 7 […]

Bathmate Fluid Retention

Have you ever experienced a bulge on your shaft after a prolonged pumping session? This is called fluid retention, water buildup, turkey neck, or donut effect. It’s one of those common injuries where the lymphatic fluid builds up in the penis (usually on the bottom side) when you exert too much pressure or if you’ve […]

VigRX Plus vs. TEKMale

TEKMale was named the most popular male performance drug this year (2017). It competes directly with VigRX Plus. Product information If you are not familiar with either one of the products: VigRX Plus: see our full review and check out their Official Website. TEKMale: see our full review and visit the Official Website. 1-Month Supply […]

VigRX Plus vs. ProSolution Plus

Both VigRX Plus and ProSolution Plus are products of Leading Edge Health/Marketing. They both claimed their respective places on the top of male performance enhancement products. Also, they both use all-natural products. More information Before you continue, if you are not completely familiar with the products: VigRX Plus: read our complete review and visit the […]

Are Prescription Pill Bottles Airtight?

Most prescription pill bottles aren’t airtight. However, pill bottles made for the retail and medical marijuana industry are the most airtight pill bottles on the market. Some people will chime in and say they think, “Orange pill bottles are more airtight than white ones” or vice versa; or that one store brand’s bottles are more […]

Bathmate Routines for Beginners

For beginners who just bought their first Bathmate (or Hydromax), it is better to stick to a well-designed and tested routine. The initial 90 days are crucial for conditioning before embarking on more advanced training methods in the next months or years. If you are still contemplating about purchasing the pump, read our Bathmate and […]

Bathmate Size Guide

Bathmate sizing is not always simple, and it leads to lots of guys buying the wrong model. For you to get the most of your penile enlargement pump, it is essential to choose the best size for you. Also, read the full Bathmate and Hydromax review that includes: usage tips, model overview, comparisons, user reviews, […]

How to Ejaculate Faster

For guys who spend more than 30 minutes of sexual stimulation prior to reaching orgasm, these tips and techniques should be helpful for a faster ejaculation. Less Masturbation Naturally, if you masturbate less, all those pent-up libidos will drive you (sort of) sexually mad. This is not a bad thing really and will help you […]

Zinc: The Ultimate Semen Booster

How does Zinc affect Sperm and Semen? Zinc plays an important role in spermatogenesis and ensures that both semen and sperm are of high quality. Zinc supplements have the following benefits on semen: Increased sperm motility. Sperm, which carries the male DNA, must be adequately healthy to move back and forth in order to reach […]

Biromantic vs. Panromantic: What’s the Difference?

A person’s romantic orientation can be quite confusing, especially to those who are new to the concept of asexual relationships. Two of the most commonly misunderstood asexual groups are the biromantic and panromantic; and for good reasons. Both are romantically attracted toward two or more genders; but they also differ in a number of ways. […]

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