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Fleshlight Cleaning Guide

Maintaining your Fleshlight in good condition is very important to avoid dried semen or mold building up inside. The cleaning process can be very simple and effective if you do it correctly. Cleaning should not take longer than 10 minutes of work. You must clean your toy after EVERY use as soon as you are […]

Fleshlight History

Modern archeologists estimate that women started using dildos as far back as 20,000 years ago. That’s 20,000 years! All that time, women had a good alternative to the real thing, while men were left rubbing their penises against rocks or banging fake, soft creatures. Imagine this. A caveman comes back from a failed hunting session, […]

Jelqing Exercise: Quick Guide

Jelqing is a manual penis enlargement exercise that does not require any devices or machines. It involves squeezing the penis with 2 fingers and stroking it from the base, away from the body. The technique is similar to the concept of “milking” a cow. Jelqing is considered the most traditional and basic penile enlargement exercise. […]

5 Inch Penis

Is a 5-inch penis too small? Is it average? First of all, never be ashamed of your erect penis size (or flaccid size)! This article will change your mind and point of view forever! Penis size is relative. It mainly depends on which country you live. For Asian countries, the average penis size is smaller. […]

PHALLOSAN forte Mobile App

SwissSana Anstalt, the manufacturer of the PHALLOSAN forte penis extender, have just released a new app for the iPhone and iPad (and Android coming soon). The application is your day-to-day friend throughout your training with PHALLOSAN forte. It advises you of your training times, documents your gains, the duration of your training time, and the […]

Penis Tattoos

The thought of getting a penis tattoo might bring most men to doubt. However, there are some robust enough to let the needle on their underpants. This is a YOLO type of behavior. While the procedure of a penile tattoo is the same as getting a tattoo on any other part of the body, there […]

Gene Therapy May Offer Long-Term Impotence Remedy

By Emma Hitt, PhD, Wed May 29, 2009, 10:39 AM ET ORLANDO, Florida (Reuters Health) – Gene therapy injected into the penis may treat erectile dysfunction for weeks to months rather than hours, findings from a new study conducted in rats suggest. “We don’t know how it will work in humans yet, but it could […]

What is Sexsomnia?

Sexsomnia, also known as sleep sex, is a parasomnia that causes a person to engage in sexual behavior while sleeping. Characteristics of sexsomnia include performing the following during a non-REM sleep stage: Masturbation Intercourse Fondling Sexual vocalizations Sexual assault People who engage in sleep sex most often do not remember the event upon awakening. Sometimes […]

Mika Meaning

This is an exert from The Original Australians by A. A. Abbie published by¬†London, Muller 1969: It is the term used to describe penile subincision, the process of urethrotomy, where the bottom of the penis is cut and the urethra is slit open, from the urethral opening to the base. The slit length can vary. […]

Tug Ahoy Detailed Description

Foreskin restoration gives you more and better sex for 3 reasons: Foreskin restoration increases sensitivity, and therefore pleasure. Foreskin restoration provides a sexual stimulant (pheromone), so both you and your partner are more turned on. Foreskin restoration provides a lubricating effect, to produce smooth, sensual, and pleasurable gliding, rather than¬†friction and rubbing. To the Woman […]

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