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The Bathmate Hydromax is a water based hydro pump that is used in the shower or bath. There are several versions of this pump. The Hydromax and Xtreme series pumps are the newest additions (in late 2013) to the original Bathmate hydro pump line. We list the new benefits further in this post.

Only buy from the Official Website. Be careful of fake resellers, cheaper duplicates, and coupon links.

The original beginner* Bathmate Series includes two versions:

  • Hercules – for a length of 6 inches or less. Costs $110.
  • Goliath – for a length of more than 6 inches. Costs $199.

*Beginner does not mean “first-time use” in this case.

The more powerful intermediate Hydromax X-Series comes in three versions:

  • X20 – new pump for smaller penises of 4 inches or less. Costs $139.
  • X30 – for a length of 6 inches or less. Costs $159.
  • X40 – for a length of more than 6 inches. Costs $199.
  • X50 – for a length of more than 9 inches. Releases in late 2017. XX50 is available today.

And lastly, a more advanced version of the above, the Hydromax Xtreme-Series:

  • XX30 – for a length of 6 inches or less. Costs $299.
  • XX40 – for a length of more than 6 inches. Costs $349.
  • XX50 (Xtreme X50) – for a length of more than 9 inches. Costs $349. New pump in 2017.

Bathmate offers free international shipping for any package. Prices above are in $USD.

Bathmate-Hercules hydromax-x  Hydromax-x40-Xtreme

Which hydro pump is right for you?

AHCAF tested all the pumps in our labs and found that the new Hydromax Series (both X and Xtreme) is far more superior to the original Bathmate Series (we will explain why later). See the customer reviews, and then read our professional Bathmate & Hydromax review below.

Customer Reviews

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Bathmate x30

Apr 02, 2017 by Gymguy

I got the Bathmate x30 12 months ago and I really like it. I didn't know that the newer version xx30 was coming out. I would have waited since I assume it will be an improved design. With that being said, the x30 isn't a bad design at all. The short few months I've had it, I did not experience anything unexpected. There is a learning curve on how to use it quickly and comfortably.

The comfort pad works very well in the bath, but it doesn't provide enough suction in the shower for the pump to hang without a strap. Removing the comfort pad makes it possible for the x30 to hang from just its suction under the water stream of the shower.

I wouldn't mind purchasing it again. When I remove the pump after using it, my dick looks fatter and longer than it ever was. I can already see that the gains are becoming more permanent. My flaccid girth and length are unreal compared to my old pre PE regime flaccid size, my erections are slightly bigger and harder, and I pop semi erections all the time for no reason.

To be 100% honest, I have been using Bathmate in conjunction with jelqing and stretches, and I also stopped looking at porn and masturbating.

X40 3-month Review

Mar 22, 2017 by EricTheMan

My current routine: 4-5 days a week, session of 5 sets of 5 minutes with a 2-minute break in between sets (around 30 minutes total). This routine is the best for me, and I'll explain why. The gains below are rounded down (because I'm using tailor tape and not being accurate). I am not going to be guessing what 1/10th of an inch I am at:

-Permanent girth gain -> 0.50" (more notable - better erections)
-12 to 24 hours girth gain -> 0.20"
-4 to 6 hours girth gain -> 0.28"
-1 to 2 hours girth gain -> 0.35"
-Permanent length gain: 0.45" (similar to girth, improved EQ)

Those are not the squishy fluid size increases. I am completely rock hard at all of the above numbers. I know that some see these results as underwhelming, but for a skinny guy like myself, these gains are very noticeable. Additionally, not that I am not pressing the pump to its maximum potential.

Overall, I am happy with the BM X40, and I believe that it's absolutely worth the purchase if you are willing to be patient. If I am able to add 0.2" to my girth gains in the next couple of weeks, there will be no question that this pump works and is a godsend for men that are below-average size in girth.

Love My Girth Following a 15 minute Session

Mar 15, 2017 by Moo

I am using Bathmate for a week. Today I used Bathmate for 16 min and my dick looked great (much longer and thicker when flaccid) but it only lasted for 20 min, and then went back to normal. It is very important for me to get girth.

I guess it's normal because my penis isn't used to the expansion, so the more regularly I use it, the sooner my results will stay for a longer period of time after use.

I am only using Bathmate. I stopped doing jelqs because I don't have time, so I only spend 20 min a day pumping.

Hydromax X30 and penis sensation

Feb 05, 2017 by Milo

I just got my Hydromax X30. It has been almost a week now. I am still getting to know the device. I am giving it 3 stars just because I could see some effect after using it. My penis is fuller because of the amount of blood going through the veins.
Here is my issue and I don't know if any of you experience the same thing:
Whenever I use the Hydromax X30, for about 2-3 minutes with 2-3 pumps, I feel like cumming, and that bothers me a lot. I have to release the pump and wait for a while. Sometimes I ejaculate right after.
I need some solution to this issue because if I keep going like this, I won't be able to see good results in the long run.

RESPONSE (from Fabio): I used to have the same problem. Don't worry about it... It took me some time, but one day it just stopped. Now, I go way beyond max pressure and my sessions are between 30 to 45 minutes long, and I never cum anymore while in the Bathmate. I hope everything works out for you. Just keep at it.

Ridiculous Hydromax results

Dec 12, 2016 by Sonny

I have been using Hydromax since February 2016. When I started I was 5.4 inches long. My routine is 25 minutes a day for 5 days a week. I do stretching and kegels for the duration of the 25 minutes. And I pump very hard. After 7 months I was measuring at 6.6 inches, which was amazing. I was maxing out because my girth was filling up the pump. So I used a condom to limit girth expansion and ever since then I have completely gone off the chart of my Hydromax X30. My dong can hit the top of the pump, and would probably be 190mm if the chart extended that far. My confidence ridiculous and I don't feel small anymore. I really get that domination feeling during sex that I always wanted. My results don't make sense, and I don't get why things have worked so amazing. But I am almost 7.3 inches now after 10 months. Like wtf...

Bathmate review average rating: 4.2 out of 5.0 based on 32 people on

Official AHCAF Review

bathmate-hydromax-review-by-AHCAFRWe purchased a hydropump from each of the 3 series listed above from the official Bathmate website to provide a broad review. We also had myself and a few volunteers sharing our results over the past 20 months of use.

Penis pumps are a very effective and fun way to increase your penis length and girth. Traditional extenders can cause irritation and be uncomfortable over time. Pumps, on the other hand, always feel great and give solid results over time, while also providing medical benefits.

How Bathmate Hydromax works

The penis pump works by creating a vacuum that expands the skin and tissue of your penis. This expansion is very natural since it is similar to erections, which happen all the time. With regular use and good recovery time between uses (12 to 36 hours), the tissue of the penis will permanently expand.

After using it for 15 minutes with a full (or almost full) erection, you’ll see temporary gains of .50 inches in length and .75 inches in girth. Beginners will see greater gains like that because the penis tissue is naturally very tight. These gains stay for about 18 hours, including after you lose an erection and during intercourse. With time and consistent use, the gains become permanent. Overall, more blood will flow to your penis – resulting in a harder and firmer erection.

Two types of gains

  • Immediate (but temporary) Results – After using Hydromax for 15 minutes, I saw gains of 0.50 inches in length and 0.75 inches in girth. Even my flaccid hung size increased. These are more noticeable for beginners, but I still see visible gains at my level. This temporary growth will only last for about a day. It’s ideal for using a few hours before sex (note that condoms will be tighter so you will need to buy a larger size).
  • Permanent Results – The immediate results will become permanent if you use this device regularly over time. The process is similar to working out on your muscles. After you lift weights, your muscles will feel bigger and more pumped, but will return to normal size after several hours. If you workout consistently, your muscles will grow and maintain the size. Same applies to the Bathmate Hydromax because penile tissue expansion after a pump is very similar to muscle tissue.

Sexual Health benefits

The pump stretches your penis and expands the penile veins. Therefore, your blood flow increases. With increased blood flow you will intensify your orgasm and increase your sexual stamina allowing you to last longer in bed. Additionally, it helps fix conditions such as erectile dysfunction (aka ED or impotence) and premature ejaculation.

Air pumps and traditional extenders can be potentially dangerous. The Bathmate is a water based pump and is very safe. I never had problems with this device even with aggressive use.

Which Bathmate pump to get?


Purchase a pump with lots of room for expansion

The original Hercules and Goliath were released back in 2009. It has been proven to be very effective and got a lot of media buzz. This encouraged many competing cheap and easily broken rip-offs from resellers and on Amazon, Alibaba, and eBay. Bathmate remains the most popular hydro-pump. Almost every online search for penis pumps will bring it up.

In late 2013 Bathmate introduced two new series of their pumps. The Hydromax X-Series and the Hydromax Xtreme-Series. The new hydro pumps offer:

  • New Gaiters System that provides 35% more pressure power
  • Swivel Gaiters so you can rotate the pump while wearing it
  • New Lock Valve that fixes old leaking issues on the Hercules
  • External pump for more customizable pressure (Xtreme only)

Our recommendation: if you have the funds, getting the newer Hydromax X-Series is an absolute must. The Hercules is still a very nice pump, but it is slightly outdated. If you choose to commit to this, you might as well spend the few extra dollars to get a stronger device that is more comfortable. The Xtreme-Series with the hand pump is a very nice addition for those seeking the ultimate pressure adjustment, but will not get you better results comparing to the Hydromax X-Series since the gaiters used are the same.

Pick the size of the hydro pump depending on your erect penis size (6 inches or more) but keep in mind future expandability. The new X20 is not recommended for anyone since it has no room for growth. Note that the Goliath is the largest supporting more than 9 inches.

My Results – Before and After

As of today, I have been using the Hydromax X40 for 20 months (since November 2013) for 10 to 15 minutes an average of 5 times per week. Immediate results are visible after every use, even when just starting out. The penis will always look bigger (around 0.5 inches) for several hours. But here are my permanent results:

  • Back in 2013, before I used Hydromax I was average (slightly less than 5.3 inches).
  • After 4 months of consistent, I started seeing noticeable permanent results (permanent 0.8 inches increase) even after taking a break from pumping.
  • 12 months in, I increased another 0.80 inches (note the slightly slower progress), to a total of 1.6 inches of gains.
  • 20 months in, my overall growth has been 2.1 inches. Today my size is slightly over 7.4 inches (7.7 inches immediately after a pump session). I don’t know if my penis will be able to grow a lot more; there is only so much my genetics will allow me to do. I will post the before and after pictures following my 2 years of usage for you guys to see and compare the size for yourselves.

The process requires commitment, but it is very fun and enjoyable. I really cannot describe it here; you have to try it for yourself.

Order Bathmate or Hydromax ONLY from the Official Website

The link above provides free shipping and $69 off with the bundle upgrade (shower strap, towel, case, cleaning kit, lube, and more). Starting early 2015, Bathmate no longer accepts coupons due to fraudulent promoters and counterfeit products. They became very strict about this policy. Everybody gets the same low price that has been offered for the past couple of years. For more information about discounts, click here.


Purchase Bathmate accessories from the main website as well. Preferably together with your pump. The suggested package upgrade includes:

  • Towel – nice to have, but nothing special.
  • Shower strap – helps to keep the pump hands-free while standing up.
  • Cleaning brush – just a regular foam brush. Again, nothing special.
  • Capsule case – has the label “Ultra Max”. Made of high quality. Recommended.
  • USB stick – has instructional videos. Nothing new.
  • Lube – regular lube. Apply it where the pump attaches to the body to create better pressure. Also, put it on the penis to avoid sticking to the pump or unnecessary friction.
  • Measuring gauge – both for girth and for length. Very useful.

As you can see from the contents, nothing in this addon package is mandatory. Those are additional bonuses that make pumping a bit more convenient, but nothing that you cannot purchase in a local convenience store.

Additionally, we recommend you try the Bathmate Max Out Jelqing Serum (see our separate review). If you are serious about your penis enlargement exercises, you should do a jelqing session after pumping. With the Max Out cream, your penis will recover faster and will get additional nutrients.

Alternative – other water pumps

Many alternatives are built with cheaper materials and offer lower quality. Remember that a pump must maintain top notch pressure; otherwise, it is useless. An alternative we used to recommend is the Penomet pump (read a review here). Following recent testimonials, we no longer recommend this replacement. We created (in September 2015) a detailed head-to-head comparison between the two pumps for you to decide better: Bathmate vs Penomet comparison.

Instructional video: how to use

Watch this animation on how to use the Hydromax pumps seated in the bathtub and standing up in the shower:

Injury Prevention Guide

A great addition to this review would be a quick list of things you have to consider to prevent injury during your pumping sessions. This applies to all pumps, but particularly to the Hydromax X and Xtreme series since those are slightly stronger than the Hercules and Goliath.

The pump has been designed to be safe, so it is nearly impossible for you to seriously hurt yourself, even if you are silly enough to want to do so. Aggressive pumping is completely normal and will give you faster results. However, make sure you give your penis some time to rest. During your session, if you are feeling sore after some aggressive pumping (10 minutes for example), put the pump aside for 5 minutes before you continue. Bathmate injuries are very rare and unlikely to happen.

If your penis continues to feel uncomfortably sore several hours after you pumped, then take a break for day or two. Other symptoms along with soreness may include: less force to pee, lower libido, and softer erections.

Additional Photos

Bathmate-results before-after Hydromax-Xtreme Hydromax-x30-latch

Older Customer Reviews

Most recent customer reviews were posted above.

Do Not Purchase

Dec 10, 2016 by Jimmy

This is a poor quality product. The valves went faulty after 5 months and within the guarantee period. I contacted the customer service, and they told me to send it back to them to repair. The postage to send back was high, and when I asked the customer service agent if the postage would be refunded to me the answer was no, it is the customer's responsibility to pay this, despite it being defective through no fault of mine. I asked if the guarantee would commence from scratch again when the pump was repaired, the answer was no.

Summing up: A poor, cheap quality product, probably made in China or Korea or a third world country.

Poor customer service and care.

Furthermore, this product will never increase the size of your penis girth or length permanently. It returns to normal size after a few minutes. Therefore this is a myth. The only way to increase length and girth permanently is with a surgical operation by a cosmetic surgeon. Do not believe all the reviews that state a permanent increase. Not true!!!


Dec 01, 2016 by CNf

So I am a 39-year-old male. I noticed over the past year that my erections were no longer get as hard as they used to. Still hard enough for sex but not at all anywhere near what they used to be. Doesn't stand up the way it should. I received my bath mate x30 3 Days ago. Last night was my second time using it. I must say, I'm very impressed already!!!!!

The first night I used it I was able to pump up to 4.5 inches and did that twice for 7 minutes both times. Didn't notice any change after I was done. But my girlfriend got home from work about 2:30 A.M. and we had sex. Something was a little different. I noticed my erection was a little stiffer. Ok great.

So last night, my second time using it, I was able to pump up to 5.25 inches, and I did that twice for 7 minutes both times. I think I was able to pump up a little more because I used a water based lube on my Penis. It was much more comfortable. When I pumped up, my penis swole up and filled up the complete circumference of the tube. The lube made it slide up easier. Had sex about an hour after and noticed again my erection was a little stiffer.

This morning (Day 3), I actually woke up with an erection. That has not happened for me in years. I also notice my penis is hanging lower and feels fuller. No pain at all. There is a slight little red mark at the base on top but nothing major. A couple of red spots is all. I tried twisting the tube a little after I pumped up to better align the measurement tab and maybe this pinched the skin a little. Everything feels good so far. I will post another review in about a week. So far, I highly recommend this.

Review for the Hercules pump

Oct 24, 2016 by Joe Black

I got the Bathmate Hercules Hydropump since I never tried this type of product before. It feels really nice in the bath tab. Forces you to get an erection even if you do not have one. Very nice for an old man as myself (I am 50 years old). For real size increase though I think you would need to put on more pressure, but this pump just does not go that far... I still love it though.

5 days - no change

Mar 27, 2016 by Zyzzbruh

I have been using Bathmate x30 for 5 days and I haven't noticed a different in size or girth. I don't know if it is the same for everyone else.

Bathmate Hydromax X30

Oct 11, 2015 by Rickardo

Got this pump 2 months ago and thought I will share some of my insights. First of all - despite the rough rubber, I find it very comfortable to wear. The pressure is very good. Second of all - the gains are very evident. After using it for a month I could tell my penis was bigger both erect and flaccid. Especially the girth increased. I will keep using it and update you guys even more.

Great Customer Service

Sep 15, 2015 by ProD

I bought an X40 about 20 months ago from the official Hydromax Pump website in the UK. I paid the original price, and it included all legit and real parts as it came from the original UK manufacturers. A few weeks ago, I found that the black switch would only lock in one position, so I took off the valve assembly, cleaned it, and re-installed back on. However, this caused my X40 to lose pressure and not work at all. I contacted the suppliers, and within one day I received a brand new valve assembly. So big thanks to the warranty support staff at officialhydromaxpump.com
I gave this review 4 stars instead of 5 because it broke in the first place.

Love it

Aug 20, 2015 by Brendan

I really love this pump. Very easy and enjoyable to use. I am 40 years old and see increases in my penis size immediately after using it. I get instant erections with it despite the fact that many times I cannot get hard. I have the Hydromax Xtreme for the external pump and it is very useful. Definitely recommend.

Hydromax > Penomet

Jul 28, 2015 by Jonathan

I got the Hydromax x30 after trying out the Penomet pump for a few months, it is a lot better. I just feels better and the pressure is stronger. Great buy, probably the best penis pump out there. I used it for several weeks and see some gains already!

Bath-Mate Hercules

Jul 19, 2015 by tyler

Good first pump. If you are a beginner and never used pumps before, you will really enjoy it. Good pressure and very fun use. Very simple and you do not need instructional video. I am 40 years old and can feel it brings blood back to my penis. Love it.

Strong built pump

Jul 08, 2015 by Bernie

I just got the Hydromax x30 pump and decide to give it a slight stress test and it holds very well. I did some aggressive usage for several minutes and found that the gaiters are very strong. Definitely high quality. Saw slight results of a swollen looking penis. Not sure if that is normal. But I will continue using it.

Hydromax X40

Jun 20, 2015 by Austen

So I decided to go with the Hydromax even though I never tried the "beginner" Bathmate pump. This was a good decision since I really like the increased pressure and always max it out. I will follow up with my penis size increase in a later post.

Tried many, this is the best

Jun 01, 2015 by Iuli

I tried several pumps and I can say that this is the best. Quality and results are great. Would recommend to get the stronger version though...

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