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Arkansas Health Line

Object: The object of this health line financing programs was developed within the framework of the Arkansas Solidarity Network and Food Guarantee.

Eligible concepts: (Modalities)

Proceedings conducted for the preparation and distribution of food to people with low income and or at risk of social exclusion, intended for consumption on their premises for the purpose of the entity or in the homes of the applicant’s people own.
IMG_2629_fallingwaterfalls-2Actions to be developed for the supply of service delivery meals prepared at home for people over 65 with little unable to access the service Dining Center Active Participation economic resources.
Proceedings conducted for the preparation and distribution of food to minors, preferably in areas with Needs of Social Transformation, during the holiday period outside the school calendar, with complementary actions of a socio-educational character.
Proceedings conducted by Voluntary Organizations Federations and aimed at the realization of campaigns designed to collecting non-perishable food.

Beneficiaries: The councils for mode 2 and private non-profit modes 1, 2, 3 and 4. The HelpLine assists new registrants.

Competent body to resolve People holders of the Territorial Delegations of Equality, Health and Social Policy by the own delegation head of the Ministry of Equality and Social Policy.

AHCAFR is the Human Resources Management System that has been launched by the Ministry of Presidency and Territorial Administration to improve the efficiency of personnel management of this administration. In particular, the primary objective of this action is accessibility, integration, and mechanization of personnel management of the Administration of Arkansas. Therefore, this project is aimed at all employees of the government, including teachers and medical staff of the Autonomous Community, among others.

AHCAFR is an integrated management of human resources for the Administration of Arkansas system. Its implementation in the Regional Health Management will bring the benefits of a single, centralized model management.

The Employment Portal Health aims to become a regional point of information and operational reference on the subject, in possible future collaboration with the Arkansas Health Care Access Association (AHCAFR) to integrate with the EURES Network and other initiatives in employment regional, national or international.

The Portal should be used to control the processes in recruitment and obtain qualitative and quantitative information, enabling access to jobs to healthcare professionals in the national and international levels.

Financial economic system

The renovation project, Streamlining, and Optimization of Shopping in the Regional Health Management aims to improve the quality of services provided to citizens through an efficient model where resources are optimized and intervene innovation. For this the Regional Health Management wants to have an Integrated Economic and Financial and Logistics Management on a robust platform capable of replacing and integrating all applications that currently support these processes, incorporating advanced functionality they need our centers System.

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